Event invitations: what you need to know

Who doesn’t love receiving an invitation to attend an event? Invitations bring the promise of fun and make you feel part of an exclusive group. As the organiser, one of the key considerations you’ll have to consider early on is the invitation to your event. You’ll need to decide what...

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Media releases: do we still need them?

Are media releases still needed?

A quick internet search will show communications professionals are divided on the question of whether media releases are still necessary. Many believe they are going the way of typewriters and fax machines as tools whose functions have been overtaken by new technology. Times have changed – and keep changing...

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Seven ways to improve your writing

Ask almost anyone whether they’re a good writer and they’ll most probably shake their heads. A good writer is surely someone who writes books and academic papers, right? They write long, complicated sentences with big words that communicate deep and thoughtful concepts, yes? Well, good writers are good communicators...

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How do I get the local media to cover my event?

You’ve been working hard on organising an event for your business or organisation and would really like your local newspaper, radio or television station to come along and cover it. What information do you need to do to encourage them to come along? Get the event details together Before...

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Grammar Guru: how to know when to use its and it’s

Its and it’s can be confusing. It can be hard to remember which one to use in the correct context. And what about its’? If you get your its and it’s in a muddle, this five-minute video will get you sorted and you’ll be writing more confidently in no...

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Grammar Guru: there, their and they’re

Are you having trouble remembering the difference between there, their and they’re? Can’t remember which one to use when? Got four minutes to work it out once and for all? This video has the tricks to help you get it right every time.

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How to choose a venue for your event

You’re organising an event and you need to choose a venue. How do you narrow down the options, but ensure the place you select will have everything you need? How do you pick somewhere that will perfectly suit your event and be memorable for your guests? Pick a location...

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How to choose a day and time for your event

So you are organising an event? One of the first things you need to decide is when to hold it. The nature of the event will help determine the time and date. For example, there are fun runs to raise money for breast cancer held early on Mother’s Day....

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What’s the difference between a media release and a media alert?

Media releases and media alerts are both used to provide information to the media about a potential news story. They both contain the same essential information: who, what, where, when, why and how. The difference between a media release and a media alert is the amount of information provided...

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When is the best time to call a television newsroom?

So you’re ready to contact a television newsroom to pitch your story, but you’re unsure when to call to ensure you’ll catch someone with time to listen to you? Metropolitan television newsrooms are generally well-resourced and will have a chief of staff on duty from the early morning until...

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