I need help organising
a media event.

You’re in charge organising a media event.

It needs to attract the attention of journalists.

It needs to communicate your message clearly.

And it all needs to go without a hitch.

Whether you want to raise awareness of an issue, launch a product or simply get all the reporters in same place at the same time, media events are hard to get right.

So what do you need to hold a truly successful media event? How do you ensure you get it right and don’t forget a thing?

And what’s so different about media events compared to other types of events?

Well, we’re glad you asked.

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    You're in charge of organising an important event. And you know that a key part of the event's success will be ensuring the right people are there. So what is the secret to getting them to come? A great invitation!

    To create a good invitation, you need much more than quality stationary. If the invitation doesn't provide essential information about the event for your guests, the acceptance rate can slide - and you can be left wondering if anyone will turn up at all.

    What do I get? 
    You'll receive a fact-packed 26 minute MP4 video that will take you step-by-step through how to create a great invitation. You'll get great ideas for the wording and layout and find out how to boost acceptances. We'll also send you a Word document containing templates for three different occasions - you'll just need to fill in your event details. Easy-peasy. And you'll get a 25-page e-book containing all the information from the video so you don't need to take any notes.

    What will I be able to do afterwards?
    You'll be able to create a professional-looking invitation that contains all the information your guests will need to decide whether to come along to your event. You'll also learn the essential elements of all invitations and be able to create your own invitation template to use again and again.

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